Multiplex Challenger Indoor Edition Kit
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Shadow Stock Usually Ships within 2 Days


  • Wingspan - 850mm
  • Length- 890mm
  • 4 channel RC (Required)
  • Approx flying weight – 225g

The Multiplex Challenger Indoor Edition is the perfect introduction to the world of the 3D aerobatics. The two large wings and the height of the fuselage allow a low flight speed in all flight positions. The large control surfaces provide for the required manoeuvrability. Thus it is equally suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. A "must have" for all biplane and 3D aerobatic fans.
The EPP-model is very robust and can handle an almost every error. All kinds of artificial flight figures are possible with the model.

Key Features

  • Optimised 3D aerobatic performance.
  • Rigid EPP / carbon construction.
  • 6-minute flight duration.
  • Pre-cut airframe components.
  • Pre-printed graphics.
  • Suits a 3S 450mAh LiPo battery

What's in the box

  • 1 x EPP Fuselage, wing, tailplane, fin and u/c parts set.
  • 1 x CFRP parts set.
  • 1 x Wheelset.
  • 1 x Hardware pack.
  • 1 x Comprehensive instruction manual.

Needed to complete

  • 1 x 4-channel Tx / Rx combo with an ultra-light receiver.
  • 1 x Roxxy Challenger power set
  • 1 x 3S 450mAh LiPo.
  • 2 x HS-40 servos.
  • 1 x HS-65HB servo.
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