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Discover a large selection of Radio control Electric Helicopters at AllElectricRC from Co-Axial to Fixed Pitch to fully aerobatic Collective Pitch. For Beginners to Expert, we have a range of Helicopters to suit any budget and with in-store help and set up service. 

Co-Axial Helicopter

Featuring two sets of main blades which rotate in different directions. This makes them more stable in flight than single blade RC helicopters and therefore much easier to learn on. If you have never flown a radio-controlled helicopter before starting with a twin blade helicopter before moving onto a single blade is recommended.

Fixed Pitch ( sometimes referred to as 4 channel )

The next step after a twin blade radio controlled helicopter would be to learn how to fly a single blade remote control helicopter. These are more difficult to fly than the co-axial type but have less head speed than the collective pitch helicopters so less damage is done on impact. Fixed pitch means the blades are at a locked angle so they are simpler in construction than the collective pitch ones and therefore cheaper and easier to repair.

Collective Pitch ( sometimes referred to as 6 channel )

It is possible to learn how to fly a collective pitch radio controlled helicopter but there are more sensitive to control have more parts in their construction and higher head speeds. Any collision or mishap will require repairs to be carried out. Collective pitch means that when you increase the throttle the blades also change angle going from negative pitch to positive pitch. Negative pitch on the blades allows the helicopter to be flown inverted. The positive and negative pitch on the blades allows the helicopter to perform many stunts such as flying upside down and loops, rolls etc.
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