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Heng Long 1/16 scale battle tanks
The fully featured Heng Long Tank range is here! Choose between a multitude of famous tanks and the option of firing either 6mm plastic BB pellets or infrared beams to knock out the enemy! Heng Long tanks are designed to emulate the look and function of the full size. All tanks have fully active independent suspension, just like the real thing!
Shooter Versions
Shooter versions can hold up to 40 BB pellets! The BB gun can only be fired once the arming switch on the Tank has been activated. This is hidden under a cover so it can’t be accidentally armed.
Infrared Versions
Infrared firing so you can disable or knock out your enemy before they disable you! If you’re hit your tank is immobilised for a period of 3 seconds before you can continue the fight!
Smoke and Sound
Where stated, these tanks feature great sound effects like onboard motor start-up and running sounds (remotely operated from the controller), and to make it more realistic the Tank will not operate until the engine has been started by the controller! They also feature a superb gun firing sound with great recoil movement (just like the full size!) and some tanks also feature a real smoke effect, an in-built smoke generator that can be switched on or off (looks just like a diesel engine running!)
Moving turrets
All tanks feature a turret that raises up to 30 degrees and depending on the design some Tanks also feature independent rotating turrets of up to 320 degree! All controllable while on the move!
Battery and charger included!
All tanks include a high energy NiMH battery and charger for long sorties with the enemy, just add 8 x AA transmitter batteries and you are ready to take on the world!
Metal gearboxes
For the real tank aficionado you will be glad to hear the deluxe metal gearbox with bearings & metal gears, engineered for long life and reliability is included as standard.