Lipo Fire Proof Charging Sack - Small
Product Code: GTP0047
£ 5.99
Never leave charging battery unattended.
Always ensure the battery is on a inflammable surface
Eusure flap is sealed while charging
The LIPO-SAFE is intended to reduce the chance of damage in the event of a LiPO fire.

Ever worry your LiPO battery will burnt itself during charging?
Here is the product for you! The LIPO-SAFE LIPO Battery Safe Charge Bag make of inflammable materials, that can protect your table in case the LiPO battery catch fire!

Place your lithium polymer battery inside the LiPo Safe and extend the charging wires through the top flap. Charge the lipo batteries when they’re in the LiPo Safe for peace of mind and greater safety.

In the case of a lithium polymer battery charging mishap, the LiPo Safe’s fire-resistant material mitigates the ferocity of the LiPoly blaze inside and vents the smoke outside the LiPo Safe.

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