Seagull KA8B Glider 3m ARTF
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  • Wingspan - 118.1ins (300cm)
  • Wing area - 899.sq.ins (58dm)
  • Factory covered with Oracover
  • Length - 57.1ins (145cm)
  • Approx flying weight - 6.2lbs (2.8Kg)
  • Radio - 6 Channel Radio with 7 servos (4 x HS85) and (3 x HS311) (Required)
  • Flying skill level - INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED

The charming looks of the KA8B go back to 1950 when the German company, Schleiher, manufactured the first prototype and in November 1957 the first flights where carried out. From then on, over 1100 where built to cover customer demands of this popular single-seat glider.

Colour scheme

Seagull have chosen one of the current popular colour schemes that makes the KA8B stand out and look timeless.

Inside the box

As soon as you open the box you can see the thoughtfulness and pride Seagull models put into this model. Each part is carefully packed in individual bags and neatly sealed to help make sure you will receive your kit in perfect condition.


You will find the KA8B a joy and fast to assemble ready for flight.


  • Great scale looks that will grace any flying site
  • Fixed undercarriage for great "run on landings"
  • Efficient Airbrakes
  • Releasable tow hook point
  • Scale pilot
  • Aileron, Rudder and Elevator controls
  • Oracover covering
  • Scale aerobatic
This is an ARTF Kit and requires extra items to complete
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