Radient 3000mAh 11.1v 30C Lipo Battery Pack
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£ 27.99

Radient 30c (Li-Poly)

  • Cells - 3 (11.1V)

  • Capacity - 3000mAh

  • Weight - 211g

  • Size - 103 x 33 x 28mm

  • Continuous Discharge - 30c ( Amps)

  • Battery Lead - Silicone T Balance Lead Type - XH

This battery and other Radient Li-Po battery packs are designed to offer great value for money yet still deliver great performance for most sports applications.

All the cells in a pack are carefully chosen to match the impedance and therefore discharge evenly. This ensures that the pack stays in reasonable balance during discharge. If the cells are at the same voltage after discharge it then makes the re-charge faster and extends pack life.

The main power leads fitted to each pack are suited to the maximum discharge current that the pack is capable of and are conveniently pre-fitted with a T type EC2 EC3 connector. This style of connector is used by many aircraft, helicopter car and boat manufacturers as standard these days 

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