FMS Avanti EDF Jet 900mm PnP
Product Code: FS0230
RRP: £259.99
£ 219.99


  • Wingspan: 900mm/35.4in

  • Length: 1050mm/41.3in

  • Flying Weight: Around 1750g

  • Power System: Inner running Brushless 2860 KV1850

  • Speed Control: 70A

  • Propeller/Fan: 70mm 12-blade

  • Servos: 9g Metal digital × 8

  • Experience Level : Intermediate

  • Assembly Time : 15 minutes

  • Wing Load : 101.7g/dm² (0.23oz/in²)

  • Wing Area : 17.2dm² (

The FMS Avanti is a mutual-developed airplane between the FMS design team and Sebart Team in Italy. The original design and authorization are from Sebart, with the additional FMS advanced production ideas, it really is a fine piece of work.

The Avanti is assembled with screws only so you can be out flying quickly and features some of FMS's newest design ideas.

If you’re after a cost-effective, high performance jet trainer, then the FMS Avanti is for you!.

Key Features

  • Powerful Inner running Brushless 2860 KV1850 with a Predator 70A ESC

  • The latest Metal CNC locked-rotor mode E-retract with over-current protection

  • No glue required, Easy assembly using only a few screws

  • Multi-connector for one-step installation

  • Large battery compartment

  • Pre-installed, newly designed ball link style control horns for more throw

  • 50mm front wheel and 55mm rear wheels

Please Note: This is sold in ARTF format and requires 6Ch Radio System, 6S Li-Po Battery, Charger and AA batteries.