Dynam Primo Trainer 5-Channel with Flight Stabilisation and Recovery RTF
Product Code: DYN8971-SRTF
RRP: £324.99
£ 294.99


  • Wingspan - 1450mm
  • Length - 1014mm
  • Flying weight - 1660g
  • Motor Combo:- Brushless Outrunner & ESC
  • Radio - Detrum Gavin 6A 6 Channel
  • Battery - 14.8 25C 2200mAh 4S LiPo (Included)
  • Servos - 8 x 9g Servos
  • Charger - 4S Balance (Included)
  • 5 Channel: Throttle, Elevator, Aileron, Rudder, Flaps
  • Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+
  • Assembly Required: Yes

This is the new Stabilized Ready-To-Fly version. This model comes with the Detrum SR86A 2.4Ghz Mini Receiver with 6-Axis Gyro/AB built-in for auto-stabilization and recovery. The Dynam Primo with its giant tundra wheels is a great high wing trainer moulded after the super cubs the gifted bush pilots of Alaska might use where taking off and landing in less-than-ideal runways is a way of life. Needless to say, this is a trainer that can accommodate virtually any flying surface you may require. And what bush pilot would ever dare such treacherous runways without flaps? The Dynam Primo includes working flaps to minimize your takeoff roll and landing rollout if space is a concern.

Powered by a BM3720A3-KV650 brushless motor and Skylord 40 Amp ESC the Primo packs a punch for a wide range flight envelope and for pulling out of trouble when you need it, yet offers outstanding slow flight capabilities for those newer to the hobby.

Key Features

  • Ready to Fly
  • Mini Receiver with a built-in gyro to conveniently support auto stabilization and recovery
  • Giant tundra wheels for taking off and landing on virtually any surface
  • Excellent slow flight capability yet has a capable power system for a wide range flight envelope
  • Working flaps for those short takeoffs and slow, manageable landings
  • Powerful 650KV brushless outrunner motor
  • Easy assembly, easy maintenance
  • Attractive white and blue paint scheme (decal set included)

Please Note: This kit is sold in RTF (Ready-to-fly) format and requires 4 x AA batteries for completion.

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